Friday, August 1, 2008

The perils of procrastination

I have a lot of ideas for alteration and creation of clothing but my lack of motivation and general laziness usually means these ideas never translate past their sketching on paper. My excuse is that I don't own a sewing machine, so hand sewing makes everything doubly hard. But if I were to be truly honest, I'm just one very, very, very lazy person. I safety-pin where I should hem and ignore the growing mountain of clothes that needs to be altered. Getting over this mindset is a work in progress. Meanwhile, my list of alterations is growing.

This dress for example, fits terribly, which is why I intend to make it into a skirt. Of course, this actually means I have to get to sewing, but since I like the print so much, I figured I'd just wear in all it's glory - bad fit, wrinkled and all.

Wallpaper dress

Jacket: MNG, Dress: thrifted, Tights: Myers, Shoes: Scooter.

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Sam said...

that dress is very cute an looks great with the black tights!