Thursday, August 7, 2008

Ménage à Trois

More outfits from the past week, this time it's one of those 'Three Ways to Wear X' post. The item in the spotlight is this grey top that I bought nearly four years ago. However up till last fall (June-ish), I hardly wore it. But one day, I came across it, stuff somewhere under my increasingly full wardrobe, and ever since then, I've been wearing it constantly.

Top: DKNY; Skirt: Wayne Cooper; Plaid Tights: Unknown; Boots: Dr Martens

Top: DKNY; Dress: Quick Brown Fox; Scarf: Handmade; Leggings: AA; Boots: Dr Martens

Top: DKNY; Dress: Thrifted; Vest: Kinki Gerlinki; Black Tights: Unknown; Boots: Dr Martens

As you see, I wear my Dr M's very often as well. Especially during winter, since I don't like wearing jeans, not only do they keep my legs warm, but they are ridiculously comfortable as well.


The Clothes Horse said...

That's a great blouse and really so "in season" it's funny considering you go it awhile ago! But fashion is cylical.

Sam said...

I love the plaid tights and the shirt with the bow!

Jimena said...

You look great in all three photos but I specially love the first and third outfit. You look great!

Anonymous said...

i love those outfits! and i'm swooning over those plaid tights