Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Lazy is as lazy does...

...Which unfortunately results in a lapse in daily outfit pictures. With an additional roommate to my little apartment, I can no longer afford to take an outfit picture at the end of the day in the comforts of my living room. There is always at least one other person at home and I rather not have to answer to awkward questions from befuddled roommates.

So I hide out in the stairwell instead!

Fully remixed.

The lighting is better anyway.

I think it's rather amusing how different Chaz and I are on the subject of colour. While she prefers a black palette to highlight her colourful accessories, I usually overdose on colour while dressing and use black as an afterthought instead. I have to wonder if this is symptomatic on how we see the world. Whenever we talk fashion it's always fairly interesting to see what we agree on and not. Most of the time, we have fairly similar opinions on things.

I should probably add that I didn't mean to steal her idea of taking the daily outfit picture in a stairwell. Weird coincidences, Chaz! Get out of my brainnnnn!

Jacket: Evolve, Tank top: Hand me down, Skirt: Thrifted (the same skirt I was wearing in the last outfit post actually), Tights: Safeway, Shoes: Doc Martens


Ming said...

The stairwell is cool! It's a nice minimalist background.

Love the skirt and belt together!

eighteeneleven said...

Dude, YOU get out of my brain.

I think it's time for us (and by us I mean me) to invest in tripods. I have no idea how I'm going to take pictures once my mom leaves. The lighting in my house is so bad that i pretty much have to take it outside...


-k said...

Thanks, ming!

I actually like not having a tripod in a way. It's pretty inconvenient, yeah, but I kinda like the hunt for places to take pictures at. You know there's a very obvious solution if you need someone to take your picture.