Thursday, August 28, 2008

Doing The Self-Portrait Thing

I've come to realize that I'm terrible at taking self-portraits, especially if I don't have a tripod. Ever since my mom left, I've been struggling to take my own pictures. I can't do the mirror thing as my only mirror is in my bedroom and I don't wear shoes in there. I've tried propping my camera up on things, but the lens are so heavy that it keeps tilting down. Very frustrating.

A very simple outfit this time, with a recently thrifted shirt from Camberwell. I think I might be addicted to that place. Credit for one of these pictures goes to Kaz. I'm sure you can guess which. So, any suggestions or tips as to how I should go about taking pictures from now on?

Plaid shirt: Thrifted; Black shorts: Unknown; Tights: Unknown; Socks: Dangerfield; Shoes: Docs; Earrings: Thrifted.

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