Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Back to School.

Sorry for the lack of posts. Like K said, I'm still trying to sort out my internet woes. Hopefully it'll be done soon, and I can stop using the labs in school. Maybe it's my paranoid nature, but I really dislike blogging in public areas.

Anyways, this is an outfit from last Tuesday, basically what I wore for my first day back in university. Something casual and comfortable was in order as I had classes from 9 - 5, with heaps of walking about, books buying and class scheduling in between. This combination is actually my go to style if I cannot be bothered dressing up.

Black tee: Charlotte Russe; Henley: American Eagle; Skirt: Not sure; Tights: Not sure; Boots: Dr Martens; Hat: Urban Outfitters

It can also be called my all american outfit, seeing as how (I think) all the labels this time are from USA.


Fashion Addict said...

Really nice outfit, especially great for walking around school those long hours! I'm soon going to have to start that!

BTW, would you like to link up with my blog?

-k said...

BRB calling the Australian government to revoke your visa for your blatant American-isms!

Get Internet already. I miss spamming your email and Facebook! And you're not the only one. I am super paranoid about blogging/looking at blogs while at the school computer lab.