Friday, July 4, 2008

Winter and colours

Melbourne as a city tends to favour the colour black. Winter, the season, usually brings out the blackness from people's closet. Thus, Melbourne in winter makes for one very somberly attired city. I was walking around town yesterday and it was almost suffocating, the amount of black on the streets. While Chaz may adore the colour black, I don't feel quite so strongly for it. I like my clothes in Technicolour.


That being said the majority of my winter coats are black. So I'm definitely going to find some way to colour-ify the hell out of my winter outfits.

Coat: thrifted, T-shirt: Threadless, Whale pin: thrifted, Skirt: Dangerfield, Tights: Safeway, Shoes: Doc Martens, yes, that's right that's the other pair I own.


eighteeneleven said...

I <3 your whale pin!

-k said...

Me too! Wait till I break out my dinosaur pin.