Saturday, July 12, 2008

Two days worth of outfits

9th July 2008
Melbourne has been really temperamental today. The sun will be bright outside giving the illusion of warmth, but once you step outside the biting wind will remind you that such delusions are best left not to the winter season. What little heat the sun rays brings are usually momentary - the clouds roll in bringing in drizzle and rain right when you think the weather just might be on this side of perfect.

But it's all alright with me. For I merely put the hood on my jacket up, jack up the volume on my MP3 player and get on with my merry way. With The Beatles crooning their songs in my ears, nothing seems more beautiful than this moment and the most impossible weather is but a minute issue.

I <3 hoods

Jacket: MNG, White slip: Supre, Dress: Vintage Sportsgirl - thrifted, Tights: Safeway, Shoes: Doc Martens.


12th July 2008
Okay, the truth comes out. I actually have really terrible eyesight. It has been that way since I messed up my eyes by reading in the dark at age four/five. In fact, I can barely remember a time where I didn't wear glasses. Thankfully, after getting over my fear of touching my eyeballs and embracing contact lenses at age 14, there's been a bit more freedom when it comes to sunglasses as a styling option.

Most days I rely on contacts to get me through the day. It's just easier - less hassle while running around doing errands and in light of the crap weather we've been having, not having to wipe your glasses every five minutes is a definite plus. At the end of the day though, laziness wins out and dictates what medium I'm choosing to view the world with. Guess what kind of day was today?

Librarian?View from the back

Blazer: Vintage - thrifted, Pullover: MNG, Halter floral dress: some shops in Costa Rica, Tights: Myers, Shoes: dodgy Asian shop in Chinatown.

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The Clothes Horse said...

Cute outfit. Fantastic belt in the first picture.
I find older folks in every generation to be more pushy! Something about age giving them right to do whatever they want!