Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Putting my foot in my mouth

I tend to do a lot. While Charm is the epitome of elegance and poise, I represent the opposite end of the spectrum, spazzy and speaking often without a filter in my brain. I do still stand by what I say regarding self-deprecation and the misuse of it. But I wish it didn't seem so hostile towards people who do use it, especially now that she's co-author. Honestly though, the Chazmeister is probably the most stylish person I know. And I don't think she ever needs to apologize (because it's too late, too late) for anything except perhaps denting my hugely inflated self-esteem with her fabulous style. Without laying on the mush, it's really an honour that she chose to muck around my still-discovering-style ways instead of scoffing and laughing.

Today I felt like being an asshole so I tried to dress like a hipster. I'm lacking the skinny jeans, but I've got the Chucks and Raybans so I figure that puts me right back over the hipster edge.


I bag the hell out hipsters, but I have to admit that occasionally I dig their style. There are certain actors whose personal style I adore who would conventionally fall into the 'hipster' category. Although I don't agree with the standard uniform that every single person in that little niche seems to subscribe to (American Apparel wear, skinny jeans, Chucks), I have to admit that sometimes I like to look like a homeless person too. Wow, backhanded compliment much?

Jacket from Dangerfield, red hooded cardigan from Cotton On, Threadless t-shirt, jeans from Topshop and Chucks.


eighteeneleven said...

Aww. You are way too kind. You and Sam and smallAd and bigAd are tots fashionable as well. Besides, I didn't see the self-depreciating post as being hostile.

eighteeneleven said...

Forgot to say, YAY for keeping your raybans!

-k said...

Hokay, cool. If you have no beef with me, I won't be so tempted to break my ban and eat beef. Hoho! I'm all about the wit today.

And dude.. I didn't tell you but I ended up buying the other sunglasses over eBay. It was half the retail price, I was like, "Yeah, why not?"