Wednesday, July 30, 2008


My partner in crime blogging, eighteeneleven, is awaiting the Internet people to go to her apartment and link her up to the World Wide Web. Until she gets her connection set up, I will be serving as entertainment down here in this arena. I solemnly promise to be boring, completely devoid of personality and be rather cheeky. (1811 is probably gonna layeth the smacketh down on me when she sees me next from this inanity)

Pink inside

I wish to seek more information about the designer for this skirt I am wearing. I got the skirt from Camberwell Market last weekend and I distinctly remember the seller mentioning something about how the designer, Chris Graf (as it says on the tag), had to close down his business or shop or something. I find the skirt incredibly gorgeous and would like to know more about his collection/line. Point is, my Google-fu isn't working so hot right now and I can't seem to find anything on a Chris Graf in Melbourne. Can anyone help out this girl's infatuation with a mysterious designer?

Jean jacket: Hand me down, Red zip-up cardigan: hand me down, White tank top: Bonds, Grey arm armers: some shop in Chinatown, Skirt: Chris Graf - thrifted, Tights: Safeway, Shoes: Docs.


Jimena said...

I hate when that happens! Good luck with the investigation!

nick said...

Perhaps you need a detective for it? Hmm?

nick said...

"Christopher Graf had a salon in Chapel Street, but hasn't been designing clothes for many years."

Don't know how believable this is:-

" Hey everyone!

It's Christopher Graf here feeling very much like an internet celebrity ! Thank you all for your kind and sweet comments.

Yes, I'm alive and well and and now have a new business designing everything from toys right through to auto interiors ( and almost everything inbetween ).

I do have a storeroom full of pristine GRAF suits, dresses, coats, window displays etc and one day I'll invite you all to the BIG SELL OFF.

I closed the business down on my 20th anniversary in fashion ( I started when I was 16 ) and felt it was appropriate to go out on a high and then started the second phase of my life re-inventing myself as a product designer and reclusive hermit.
Thanks again for your comments, I'm really touched !
Posted by Christopher Graf at Tuesday, October 30, 2007 20:18:14

-k said...

Awesome. It's like having my very own Sherlock Holmes. Hmm.

The Clothes Horse said...

Very cool skirt (and comment!).
As for my tattoo I blab about is all the time, here's the post when I originally got inked here:

eighteeneleven said...

I NEED INTERNET! I'm sick of using the school's in between classes...

Plus, since I left my tripod at home, my mom has been taking my pictures, and she is a terrible photographer. Most of my photos so far are really blurry. =(

eighteeneleven said...
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Eleh said...

pretty skirt!!!