Sunday, July 13, 2008

Mad about prints

I'm greatly enjoying the challenge of taking pictures outdoors without employing the use of a tripod (that I don't have to begin with). It forces creativity with setting up shots and improvisation - as best as I can. Although I feel rather self-conscious setting up the camera and posing, I think I'd feel doubly so if I were to ask someone else to take my picture. Part of the fun comes from seeing the results of the guesswork. Thus far, I have found the pictures to be sadly lacking, but one learns from trial and error, no?

Today's picture was taken at an abandoned lot on Swanston St, in front of RMIT. My camera was balanced on a bottle of detergent. Hurray for bulky cameras that don't tip over at the slightest pick up of the wind!

As much as I adore and try to emulate the idea of dressing by colour blocking, at the end of the day, I seem to find myself with a closet full of prints. The majority of my summer dresses come with designs on them, whether to to reflect the sunnier weather or an unconscious effect of my severe bias towards prints, I'm not too sure.

13 July '08

Jacket: MNG - hand me down, Thermal (not pictured): Kathmandu, Dress: Valleygirl, Tights: Miss Shop @ Myers, Shoes: Doc Martens - eBay.

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