Saturday, July 26, 2008

Fashion no-spiration

I found the most awesomely ridiculous belt in an op shop the other day.


That's it in it's infinite glory right there. The crocodile print runs throughout the belt, save the front, which has this absolutely ridonkulous belt/buckle combination.

Colour blocking?

Obviously, I love it.

This makes me wonder about fashion and how we perceive it. One person's Philip Lim might be another person's Stella McCartney. Perhaps some might consider Steve Madden's creations superior over Christian Louboutin's. Fashion is so inherently subjective that one item of clothing/accessory can be met with countless differing opinions. I like that belt even though it's not conventionally stylish or pretty. My male friend succinctly expressed his feelings about it by informing me that "the '80s called, and they want their belt back." Regardless of his disinterest, I feel very strongly for this belt. Who is right in this case? Is there even a right and wrong in fashion? Does that mean leggings worn as pants are actually ... *gulp* ... acceptable??

Top: MNG, Necklace: eBay, Belt: thrifted, Skirt: Savers, Tights: Myers, Shoes: some shop in Malaysia.


nick said...

If there is a universal right and wrong in fashion, then the same can be said about music, movies, sports, politics, anything really.

Whether leggings as pants is "acceptable" or not, or whether it's right or wrong is different from whether it is considered currently fashionable by the "gods of fashion" or not.

If your judgment of right and wrong is based on the "gods of fashion", then sure, there is a right and wrong. Just like how if someone is a devout Muslim, right or wrong is based on the Q'uran. But if you base your judgment on just how you alone perceive something, then it seems illogical to define a real, standard code of right or wrong. It just so happens to be what you think looks good and what doesn't.

I think it'll be highly improbable to find some fashion upon which everyone will like. Like you said, one person's Philip Lim (no clue who he is) might be another person's Stella McCartney (no clue who she is).

To be honest, and please don't take offense, this long comment was just me wondering why you need to wonder about fashion and how people perceive it at all. You being one of the most open-minded people I know, I wondered why you asked the question on whether there is a right and wrong in fashion. I always thought you would be someone who would say that there isn't a global right and that there isn't a global wrong. But that's just my wonderings.

Amelia said...

great blog. do you know about Melbourne's collaborative op shopping blog 'I op therefore I am'?

there are links there to maps and addresses of Melbourne's op shops. let me know if you are interested in joining.

regards, Amelia