Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Doc Martens and me: my revenge.

As a child of the '90s, I couldn't turn a corner without seeing a pair of Doc Martens on the street. I wanted one very terribly but my parents, being the voice of reason and my annoyance, maintained that buying one would be a waste of money as not only were they expensive but my feet were still growing, thus negating their use in a couple of months. In fact up until I was 13, I didn't own any pair of branded footwear. I instead lived vicariously through my school friends who couldn't wait to show off their Nikes and Reeboks.

Now, after puberty has passed and thanks to eBay, I finally own the very pair of shoes I have been craving after. In fact, eBay actually helped me own two pairs of Doc Martens. My parents would call it excessive but I say I'm compensating for all that lost time.


I suspect this is the reason why whenever I wear my Docs, I feel transported right back to the '90s. I mean, obviously the popular culture atmosphere is completely different. We no longer have Clarissa and the 'm' in MTV has become something of a modern joke. But it's all in the mindset, and whenever I put on my Docs, it's like Smashing Pumpkins was still good and Luscious Jackson still existed.

Beanie; Jay Jays, Jacket; Venom, Dress; thrifted, Tights; Safeway, Shoes; Doc Martens.


The Clothes Horse said...

Oh, Clarissa was a wonderful show! You wear Docs nicely.

The Clothes Horse said...

Oh, and in response to your comment, I do think there is something to be said about poise and confidence and being taken as older, but then there's also genetics. And a short stature and a baby face means I am forever being mistaken for someone really young--though I often get told I seem very "mature, smart, and sophisticated" for said 'believed' en--when I'm pretty much just about as poised as most women my age.

-k said...

Thank you. Clarissa was definitely something else alright. I wonder what this generation's version of Clarissa is.

And you're definitely right about genetics. Try as you may to change the way you are, but some things just are set in stone.