Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Back In Black

Sorry for the disappearing act, but I was on holidays for a couple of days, and since coming back, I have been desperately trying to pack all my loot away. The conclusion is that it simply cannot be done. I currently have too many things and not enough space. It's gotten so bad that most of my new clothes and a bunch of dresses are just hanging by my bed, my shoes are all stacked up in a corner and I have another corner piled high with random accessories such as tights, scarves, and trinkets, all of which I have to remember to bring back to Oz. I guess that one of the downside living somewhere for only a couple of weeks a year.

So, even though I've gone back to black, I'm trying to add some colour to what I'm wearing. For the longest time, I was highly 'allergic' to floral - probably the same reason why I avoided wearing pink for the longest time - which I have attributed to my childhood. Unlike Kaz, I was the quintessential fairy princess archetype. I practically lived in dresses, most of which tulle-filled, pink cotton candy sweet confections, with lots of barrettes and plastic flowers in my hair. As I grew older, I tried to distance myself from that girl, and embraced strong colours, like blacks and reds.

Floral dress from some street-side Korean store; Flats I got from Hong Kong, Bib-thing by 12 x 12

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