Tuesday, June 24, 2008

In before the 'you're so vain' comments

To understand why I started this blog, you need to know that I grew up a total and utter tomboy. Up until I was 12, I wore nothing but shorts and pants, refused any Barbies, and did nothing but play football and run around with the boys. In fact, I was so much like a boy that my parents gave me an honorary male name - which they still bring up today, much to my utter and complete embarrassment.

As lame as this sounds now, I wanted to be a boy because back then kid!Karen thought being a girl meant being prissy and sitting with your legs crossed and ribbons and chewing every morsel of food slowly and carefully. Guys were cool! They rid bikes, wrestled and did whatever they wanted, or so I thought. I basically associated being a girl with living a repressed and therefore, inferior, lifestyle.
I tried so hard to deny any sense of femininity that was prepackaged in my double Xs chromosome buildup; scoffing at girly girls, never ever crying (cause it's weak, you see) and, oh god, embracing the parent-given boy name with glee and complete acceptance.

Thankfully, puberty hit.

And self-awareness kicked in.

I gradually realized that this being-a-girl gig wasn't so bad. In fact, I can tell you right now without hesitation that I love being female. After all those years of struggling with my skewed understanding of what constituted a female, I can look back and laugh at my delusion.

As Pop Culture Geekery is an extension of my interest in the realm of pop culture, The Unbearable Contrast of Being is my outlet for celebrating my accepted femininity. I wasted 12 years (+ change) cursing my gender and what it entailed so it's only fair now that I get to revel in it.

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