Monday, June 30, 2008

Casual Monday

As you will come to see, I wear a lot of black, and I do mean a lot. It is not unusual for me to have a predominately black ensemble from which the only source of colours are my accessories. Often annoying to my friends, but I just love how other colours pop against a black base.

Plus, I love this dress, as it's very airy and loose, perfect for the weather here.

Dress: i.d.s; Shoes: Topshop.


-k said...

Like I said before, bitch ass shoes dude. And did you trim your hair? Or is all that black just disguising the real length?

eighteeneleven said...

I LOVE these. Stole them off my mom as they were too small for her. Trimmed like a centimeter or so off. So if you could see a difference that is real impressive. Will try not to wear black next time round. Maybe.

-k said...

That's awesome. I expect a no black outfit tomorrow!